December 17, 2016 2:00 & 7:00
Clemens Center Theater - Elmira, New York (www.ClemensCenter.com)

New Heights Dance Theater, a resident dance company of Clemens Center, is proud to produce two great productions each year. The Nutcracker in Motion and Spring Awakening.

The Nutcracker in Motion has been billed as a fast-paced, jazzed up version of the classic holiday ballet Nutcracker.  New Heights Dance Theater's twist on this production will provide you with toe tapping music, elaborate costumes, and props. Talented dancers will bring with them dance variations that will include: jazz, modern, lyrical, acro, as well as traditional elements such as classic ballet and pointe. 2016's performances will be on Saturday, December 17, at the Clemens Center at 2:00 pm & 7:00 PM.  

Spring Awakeninis a presentation/sampling of different ballet pieces featuring mostly ballet with a few character roles throughout.  We hope to broaden the dancers and our audience's knowledge of some of these great classical ballet performances and inspire our dancers to want to learn more about each of these stories.  We feel this is a great opportunity to expand the repertories and minds of our company dancers and introduce them to great classical ballet pieces that have been around for hundreds of years.  (2017 Location, Date & Performance Times - TBA)

New Heights Dance Theater includes dancers of all ages from the Twin Tiers. They bring with them a wide variety of dance training and experiences. Each dancer is chosen for our productions through auditions open to dancers ages 6 years old and up.

2016 Spring Awakening & Nutcracker in Motion is made possible, with public funds from NYSCA's Decentralization Grant, administered by the ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

New Heights Dance Theater
is Proud to present the
2016 Nutcracker in Motion Cast.

Clara:  Annika Wickham (U: Sarah Swinnerton)

Fritz: Abby Gibson (U: Emma Updyke)

Friends: Ellie Clarkson, Kaylee Hassen, Cameron Hilliard &
Sarah Swinnerton (U: Kayleigh Maphis)

Girl Children: Rylie Kick, Angie Langstrand, Isabella LoVecchio,
Aleigha Maphis, Angelina Maphis, Emily Melveney, Keira Sulkey &
Kenna Thomas (U: Alexis Zimmerman)

Little Girl Children: Kiera Cartwright, Amelia Moskal &
Alexis Zimmerman

Lead Boy Children: Amanda Hatfield & Emma Updyke

Boy Children: Sabrina O’Connor, Aiden Ranck, Arloween Scuteri,
Ellie Stimson, Maeve Wheeler & Abigayl White (U: Evan Clarkson)

Little Boy Child: Evan Clarkson

Maids: Allison Dgien & Olivia Robyler

Music Box Doll: Gwen Harrington (U: Maria Scata)

Soldier Doll: Abby Duvall (U: Heidi Call)

Harlequin Doll: Sean Ervay (U: Allison Shearer)

Magic Wisp: Allie Gibson, Shannon Ervay, Katarena Jackson,
Maggie Keefe, Georgia Mechalke, Maria Scata, Allison Shearer,
Juliana Steed & Lauren Witmer

Mouse Queen: Kayleigh Maphis (U: Gwen Harrington)

Mice: Kiera Cartwright, Evan Clarkson, Rylie Kick, Amelia Moskal,
Aiden Ranck, Keira Sulkey & Alexis Zimmerman (U: Ellie Stimson)

Colonel: Heidi Call (U: Cameron Hilliard)

Soldiers: Abby Gibson, Amanda Hatfield,
Angie Langstrand, Angelina Maphia, Kenna Thomas,
Emma Updyke & Maeve Wheeler 

Lead Angels: Cameron Hilliard & Juliana Steed

Angels: Isabella LoVecchio, Aleigha Maphis, Angelina Maphis,
Emily Melveney, Sabrina O’Connor, Arloween Scurti,
Ellie Stimson & Abigayl White (U: Keira Sulkey)

Snow Queen: Olivia Roblyer (U: Maggie Keefe)

Snow Princess: Allie Gibson (U: Lauren Witmer)

Lead Snowflakes:  Abby Duvall, Maggie Keefe,
Georgia Mechalke & Lauren Witmer (U: Allison Dgien)

Snowflake Corp 1: Ellie Clarkson, Allison Dgien,
Shannon Ervay, Gwen Harrington, Katarena Jackson,
Maria Scata & Allison Shearer

Snowflake Corp 2: Heidi Call, Kaylee Hassen, Cameron Hilliard,
Kayleigh Maphis, Juliana Steed & Sarah Swinnerton

Icicles: Abby Gibson, Amanda Hatfield, Rylie Kick,
Angie Langstrand, Emma Updyke & Maeve Wheeler

Spanish Lead:  Abby Duvall (U:Allison Dgien )

Spanish Soloist:  Allison Dgien (U: Shannon Ervay)

Spanish Corp: Shannon Ervay & Maria Scata (U: Katarena Jackson)

Arabian Lead: Maggie Keefe (U: Allie Gibson)

Arabian: Heidi Call, Ellie Clarkson, Katarena Jackson,
Gwen Harrington, Allison Shearer, Sarah Swinnerton &
Lauren Witmer (U: Juliana Steed & Kaylee Hassen)

Chinese: Sean Ervay, Abby Gibson,
Amanda Hatfield & Olivia Roblyer

Gingersnaps:  Angie Langstrand, Isabella LoVecchio,
Aleigha Maphis, Angelina Maphis, Emily Melveney,
Sabrina O’Connor, Aiden Ranck, Keira Sulkey, Ellie Stimson,
Kenna Thomas & Abigayl White (U: Rylie Kick)

Lead Russian: Georgia Mechalke (U: Gwen Harrington)

Russian:  Heidi Call, Ellie Clarkson, Allison Dgien, Allie Gibson,
Gwen Harrington, Katarena Jackson, Maggie Keefe,
Olivia Roblyer, Maria Scata, Juliana Steed &
Sarah Swinnerton (U: Abby Duvall)

Candy Canes: Kaylee Hassen, Cameron Hilliard,
Kayleigh Maphis, Emma Updyke & Maeve Wheeler 
(U: Kenna Thomas)

Marzipan: Lauren Witmer

Shepherdess: Shannon Ervay & Allison Shearer (U: Ellie Clarkson)

Sheep: Evan Clarkson, Amelia Moskal & Arloween Scurteri

Gardeness: Allie Gibson (U: Georgia Mechalke)

Dew Drop: Maggie Keefe

Lead Flowers:  Allison Dgien, Gwen Harrington, Georgia Mechalke,
Olivia Roblyer & Maria Scata

Flowers:  Heidi Call, Ellie Clarkson, Kaylee Hassen,
Cameron Hilliard, Katarena Jackson, Kayleigh Maphis, 
Juliana Steed & Sarah Swinnerton

Petals:  Heidi Call, Shannon Ervay,
Allison Shearer & Lauren Witmer

Blossoms:  Aleigha Maphis, Angelina Maphis, Rylie Kick,
Emily Melveney, Sabrina O’Connor, Ellie Stimson, Keira Sulkey,
Kenna Thomas, Maeve Wheeler & Abigayl White (U: Isabella LoVecchio)

Dragon Flies:  Abby Gibson, Amanda Hatfield &
Emma Updyke (U: Angie Langstrand)

Butterflies:  Kiera Cartwright, Isabella LoVecchio,
Arloween Scuteri & Alexis Zimmerman

Sugar Plum:  Abby Duvall (U:Olivia Roblyer)

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